The Three Secrets to Genuine Self-Confidence

True confidence is an energy that cannot be cognitively learned but it must be embodied! Self-confidence is something that is not only felt by yourself but by everyone around you. It is an energy that allows you to really walk into situations, feeling safe and comfortable, and whenever you’re feeling safe and you’re feeling comfortable, other people can also experience that as well.

One of the most important pieces in the puzzle towards womanhood is for us to really learn and master the art of self-confidence because it gives us an aura that cloaks us and it allows us to express ourselves in different ways. To be received differently by other people and makes our voice and our presence important because it is claiming this space that we are occupying.

Confidence is a very powerful force and most women in this world that are doing big things have claimed their spaces with power and confidence.  Confidence is an experience that not only we feel ourselves whenever we are sitting in that energy, but that other people can feel and the way that other people feel in the presence of your confidence is comfortable and at ease. If a person’s comfortable and they’re claiming their space, it’s giving others permission to also claim their own space.

The first key to experiencing genuine self-confidence is emotional mastery. Why is that? It’s because if you have mastery over your own emotions, then you’re actually able to hold other people’s emotions as well, and you’re not requiring them to hold emotions for you. How do we do this? Well, I know that some of you might not want to hear this, but it’s actually by healing the mother wound. Healing our mother wound, whether you carry a personal or a collective mother wound, is going to allow you to mother yourself and hold all your emotions together. This is true emotional mastery! When you’re able to recognize and hold space for your own emotions, your aura becomes magnetic for others as well. 

The second key to cultivating self-confidence is having a clear sense of identity.

Our identity stems from our father, and whenever we heal the father wound, we collectively heal as a planet because we all carry a little bit of that trauma. When we heal that father wound, we get to recognize our dominant identities, purify them from any distortion, and choose an empowering identity that serves us and the life that we want to create. Identity work is tricky because we’re not always aware of the identities that we hold. Oftentimes, they just lead us into life, and we don’t even know. Think of it like being in a car, and you don’t know whether you are in an SUV, sedan, or a black or white car. You’re simply going, and the way that you’re able to know what car you have is by the reaction that other people or other vehicles have towards yours.

It is hard to know exactly what are the primary identities running the show behind the scenes. And this is why it’s so important to explore the father wound because that is exploring your dominant identities. I’ll give you an example, if you have an identity of being the “persecuted woman” because of an event that happened way back in your childhood or it’s stored in your cellular memories, then you’re going to walk through the world and through life with the persecuted woman identity, which means that you’re probably going to hide, and other people are not really going to see you. You’ll attract other people that will confirm this identity back to you over and over again. Doing this inner work of exploring our identities frees us from feeling that there’s something wrong with us because then we come to the realization that we are free to choose who we want to become in our life. This is the power of identity work and when you know who you are, you’re able to experience safety and comfort in your own skin. 

The last key to unshakable self-confidence is attunement to your heart’s desires. As women, it’s important to be connected to our deepest desires, separate from what has been implanted in us by society or others. When we create a safe space to explore our true desires, our hearts can speak to us and guide us toward a clear sense of direction. Our desires are the GPS and the destination. They guide us toward our destiny! Knowing where we’re going in life, and being true to ourselves, are essential for experiencing genuine self-confidence. It’s not something we can learn, but something we can embody through deep inner work. 

To start exploring our relationship with our desires, we can take an inventory of our lives and notice how we feel about confidence as a sensorial experience in our bodies. By putting these ideas into practice, we can start to embody the self-confidence that comes from being true to ourselves.

So which one of these keys are you currently exploring? Let me know in the comments <3 

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