How to Heal the Father Wound

Our sense of self-worth stems from our relationship with the archetypal Mother.

Our sense of identity stems from our relationship with the archetypal Father. 

When we carry a silent father wound, we can see the effects of this in every area of our life, especially our romantic relationships, our finances, and our primary identity. 

A Father Wound can look like this: 

  • A feeling of fragmentation or incompleteness when you are single
  • Losing your sense of self in romantic relationships
  • Adopting your partner’s dreams or vision without discernment on whether that’s what you really want 
  • Attracting partners that abandon or reject you once you start opening up as your true self
  • Inability to hold money and create wealth 
  • Spending money as fast as it comes in 
  • Overworking and overgiving in work, relationships, and friendships
  • Settling for romantic partners that did not feel like a full “Hell yes!” in your body
  • Constant fear for your financial safety 
  • Feeling alone and overburdened by the demands of life 
  • Lack of direction/purpose in your life

These are simply symptoms of a deeper wound connected to the energy of the Father.

When a woman grows up either abandoned, rejected, or abused by her Father, there is a disconnect between her and her sense of identity. 

Your inner little girl tried to mold and shift herself to the identity of those around her so that she could feel like she belonged.

This initial feeling of rejection is so unbearable that she grows up making sure she is not ‘rejected’ again by not going after the things she really wants.

This begins forming an identity based on a lie and creating space only for the “accepted” parts of the self. 

The rejected or abandoned parts remain stuck in a cycle of perpetual abandonment and rejection by attracting romantic partners that also reject these parts.

This creates an energetic vacuum and sense of incompleteness.

The primary identity that filters through every other identity is the identity of The Orphan.

The rejected daughter.

The abandoned daughter.

The abused daughter. 

These identities are the root of the patterns in your life perpetuating toxic relationship patterns, unhealthy relationships with money and wealth, and a corrupted identity. 

When you dive to the core of the Father Wound, you free your human father from the responsibility and offer yourself as a daughter of the divine.

Being adopted by the universe/source/god as a daughter of divinity breaks the boxes you created throughout your life to fit into.

Resourcing this fatherly love from within anchored in God-Father allows you to unlock your divine blueprint and become the woman you are meant to be.

Once this hole is filled with Divine love, you show up differently in your life. 

You no longer compromise your needs and desires and attract partners that reflect the wholeness you fell within. 

You attract partners that choose you.

You are able to make financial decisions from spaciousness and feel taken care of. 

Your evolutionary needs are always provided for and you develop a nourishing relationship with your money.

You know who you are and therefore, you contain your own energy in its full power, expression, and magnetism. 

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