The Healing Journey

Healing occurs when we come to the realization that there is nothing to heal but true healing happens in the body. Feel your emotions to heal them.

Healing occurs when we come to the realization that there is nothing to heal.

But for most of us, arriving at this awareness can be a long, painful journey with so many ups and downs. The pain, confusion, and dissatisfaction we experience are messengers of our need to go back to our true essence. When we heal and reintegrate all parts of ourselves into our awareness, we reclaim our feminine power and begin creating what we are meant to create this lifetime. 

The role of a healer is to hold space for the parts of you that are still trapped in a trauma of the past or in an old story so your own feminine energy can begin expressing itself, while your inner masculine observes the process. You are your own healing. You embody feminine and masculine energy within yourself, regardless of your gender. 

Every single human being on this earth has something to heal because as a species, we are still experiencing much suffering. We are one, even though we are playing a game where I think I am Silvana and you think you are you, and it is through the recognition of our unity that we heal ourselves and the world. Until every single human being on this planet is free from suffering, none of us are truly free. 

So, how do we heal ourselves and the planet? How do we step into our purpose? How do we become the most creative versions of ourselves? How do we free ourselves from suffering? 

By remembering your true nature, reclaiming your power, and being the unique universe that each and every one of us is.

The Healing Journey

01 — Awareness

We are slaves to what we don’t see. Whenever we experience a traumatic event in our life, anywhere from falling from our bike as children to experiencing sexual abuse, and we don’t fully experience the emotion that was created in that event, the energy from that emotion gets trapped. Trapped emotional energy is what causes us to sabotage our lives and prevents us from experiencing our true nature. 

Think of the shadow as an emotion that was rejected by its creator, in this case, that’s you! 

Like everything in the universe, the emotional creation seeks to return to oneness but when the observer is gone because it labeled the emotion as unwanted or unacceptable, this emotion gets sent to the back closet.

This closet is our subconscious mind, and in this closet, the emotion begins getting denser and believing in more separation. The emotion takes an intelligence of its own and it comes out whenever it feels that it has been disturbed from its dark closet. Whenever life gives an event that triggers that same emotion, that was rejected and labeled as unacceptable, the emotion in the closet knocks on the door so we can save it from its dungeon. 

I like to look at trapped emotions as children that are locked in a closet and all they need is for you to open the door and welcome them into your arms. All you need to do, to begin this magical process is to SEE and become aware that there is a part of you, needing your acceptance. Just awareness.    

02 — Shadow Work

After the recognition of a wound or trapped emotion, we naturally begin going through shadow work. Shadow work is the process of allowing yourself to feel the emotions that you once labeled as unacceptable, dark, evil, painful, or wrong. When we fully feel those emotions and observe them without judging them or without trying to escape them, we heal them. In this part of the process, the mind can begin making a lot of commentary on how unacceptable or wrong it is to feel this way. It is important to coach ourselves during this process to ease our minds and return to our bodies. Our bodies are our home while we experience a physical incarnation. In order for us to truly heal, we have to learn to return our awareness into our bodies in order to truly release what is trapped. During moments of severe triggers, simply take a deep breath and tell the parts of yourself that want to escape: “You are safe here, I am here for you, I love you.” Welcome all of your pain, it needs your love and acceptance for it to integrate back into the oneness of love.

03 — Integration

After unearthing the parts of us that were hidden from our awareness, and welcoming those shadows into our hearts, with love and compassion, we begin integrating with those parts. Integration is remembering the truth behind everything you experienced and welcoming back those lost parts back into your body. During the integration process awareness becomes our biggest tool towards embodying back all the parts that were recently reclaimed. The final phase of this process is the realization that there was nothing to heal, nothing to forgive because you are not your experiences or your stories. You are the observer of everything that you experience and this frees you from the stories of the ego.

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