Discover your Tantric Archetype and create your own Spiritual System  rooted in  your femininity

Are you a vibrant, passionate, and conscious woman ready to embrace your divine feminine power and create a personalized spiritual system?

Welcome to the Venusian Tantra Mentorship Program

A unique, transformative experience designed for rebellious, passionate, and spiritually-curious women like you.

Each woman  has an unique Tantric Archetype​

There is an ancient wisdom that understands the power of women’s spirituality and sexuality. This is why for thousands of years women’s sexuality and spirituality have been fragmented, demonized, and separated by the church, society, and cultures across the globe.

But you cannot cage nature for long, eventually nature finds a way and now the modern woman has access to the information along with the social freedoms to bring back this feminine wisdom and embody it.

‘‘Women  are heaven; women  are dharma; and women  are the highest penance. Women  are Buddha; women  are the Sangha, and women  are the perfection of wisdom”

- The Yoni Tantra

In a small cult of ancient Tantra, women were considered a gateway towards spiritual liberation; to be born with a Yoni was a great blessing. The woman that reclaims her divinity and direct connection with the cosmos becomes a vehicle for the Tantric archetypes of Shakti (the divine feminine) to flow through her.

Meet Silvana Kamala

Silvana Kamala is a renowned spiritual teacher, occultist, and self-taught astrologer. Currently a PhD candidate in Ancestral Healing, Silvana has dedicated her life to helping women connect with their feminine essence and transform their spiritual journey using her proprietary method, Venusian Tantra ™ .


Venusian Tantra is a psycho-spiritual system  designed for Western, modern  women that desire to create a spiritual system based on pleasure, beauty, and femininity without a guru or rigid spiritual practice.

Venusian Tantra ™ offers a gateway towards the occult world of feminine-centric Tantra without the dogma and cultural limitations that traditional paths often carry. This system will allow you to find the archetype that ignites when you connect with your raw sexual energy. This is the medicine that you offer as a walking, breathing manifestation of the Goddess herself.

The collective consciousness of the feminine and our ancestral lineage has endured enough pain and suffering. Venusian Tantra ™ is a spiritual system that uses pleasure, beauty, and femininity as a spiritual compass towards wholeness as an act of rebellion and devotion.

When you create your own spiritual system rooted in your womanhood, using your daily life as your spiritual practice, and embrace the natural movement of your sexual energy, you will experience the bliss that Tantra promises when you weave-in together your consciousness with the complexity of womanhood.


Your life will never be the same

What you’ll gain from the program:

Personalized Spiritual System

Work one-on-one with Silvana Kamala to create a spiritual system that aligns with your unique Tantric Archetype. This is the energy that activates with your sexual energy and when you create a spiritual system honoring your natural energy, your entire life becomes worship to The Divine. Using esotericism, and divine feminine principles, you’ll design a practice that resonates deeply with your soul.

Mastery of Venusian Tantra​

Learn the art of Venusian Tantra ™ , a proprietary method developed by Silvana. This practice will empower you to connect with your natural tantric archetype, enhance your pleasure, and bring harmony to every area of your life by creating an internal marriage between your consciousness (your Divine Masculine energy) and your natural expression (your Divine Feminine energy).​

Awakening of Your Feminine Powers​

Experience a profound connection to your feminine essence and awaken your innate powers. Create a spiritual system encompassing the values you naturally embrace and creating space for your sexuality, your dark feminine essence, and your shadows. Embrace your womanhood, honor your intuitive wisdom, and unlock your inner power.

Joy, Pleasure, and Harmony

Transform your daily life with practices that bring more joy, pleasure, and harmony. You don’t have to spend hours checked out from your life (aka the 3D) in order to experience connection to The Divine. Your life becomes your spiritual practice and you learn to see the divine in everything. From your relationships to your career, feel the magic of living in alignment with your true self.


Here’s how this Mentorship works

Inside the mentorship, Silvana will explore your astrological archetypes that activate your 8th house of Tantra, transformation, sexuality, ancestral trauma, hidden gifts, spiritual powers, and occultism.

She will guide you through the creation of your own spiritual foundation and an organizational system so you can take charge of your spiritual growth and let life and your raw sexual energy (your kundalini) become your teachers.

You will begin your Tantric “weaving” – a process of unifying your daily life, your sexual energy, and your spirituality moment by moment.

The investment for the Venusian Tantra Mentorship is:

One payment of:

$ 5,000

  • Three months of coaching and mentoring with Silvana
  • Telegram access throughout the mentorship
  • Access to The Venusian Library ($900 value)
  • Exclusive Access to all paid workshops taught at The Venusian Academy ($300 value)
  • Access to VENUSIAN WOMAN: Embodied and Conscious Femininity ($497 value)


Three payments of:

$ 1,700

  • Three months of coaching and mentoring with Silvana
  • Telegram access throughout the mentorship
  • Access to The Venusian Library ($900 value)
  • Exclusive Access to all paid workshops taught at The Venusian Academy ($300 value)

Would you like to explore if Venusian Tantra is for you?

Why create your own spiritual system using Venusian Tantra?

If there was an existing religion that allowed you to experience inner freedom and blissful expression in your life, you would already be connected to it. If you are here, it’s because you cannot fit into the ‘boxes’ that already exist so it is time to create your own spiritual container. You already have a temple, a direct line to the divine, and very soon you’ll have your own structure.

01. Experience Blissful Spiritual Freedom

Leave the religious control and dogma behind. There is no part of you that is not an expression of Divinity. Venusian Tantra will allow you to create a spiritual system that has space for your light and your shadows. Everything becomes material for your liberation and through unconditional acceptance of all parts of yourself, you’ll embrace your innate feminine power without external control. This path has no external guru, temples, or rules. You are the guru, you are the temple, you create your own rules. This is a path of freedom.

02. Follow an Unique Approach

Venusian Tantra is a proprietary method developed by Silvana Kamala, blending ancient wisdom with modern spiritual practices that adjust to your life as you currently live it. This is a path for the women that want to spiritually individuate and explore the feminine and occult mysteries of womanhood.

03. Receive Expert Guidance

Silvana Kamala is a spiritual teacher, occultist, astrologer, and PhD candidate with deep knowledge in ancestral healing and divine feminine energy. She has experienced profound healing through her own use of Venusian Tantra ™ and has guided other women to finally exhale into the freedom of unconditional self-acceptance and connection with Source.

04. Tailored Experience

Receive tailored guidance to create a spiritual system that resonates with your unique tantric archetype, lifestyle, and sexual expression. Whether you want to organize your own spiritual system through existing methods such as astrology, archetypes, and tarot OR want to create your own system, you’ll be able to tailor your practice to your unique needs and desires.

Here is what our students are saying…




Take the first step towards a life filled with joy, pleasure, and spiritual depth. Embrace your tantric archetype and transform your life with the Venusian Tantra ™ Mentorship Program.

Ready to begin your journey?


Venusian Tantra ™  is a proprietary psycho-spiritual method developed by Silvana Kamala that uses ancient tantric principles and adapts them to the life of  the modern woman. This system integrates divine feminine principles, esotericism, and archetypal energy to create a personalized spiritual method that allows a woman to weave together her consciousness with her full expression.

The mentoring program runs for three months where you get weekly one-on-one calls with Silvana. We recommend setting aside additional time for personal practice and reflection as you go through the mentorship.

Yes, the program is tailored to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey, whether you’re a beginner or have years of practice. However, there is a prerequisite of being in a healthy mental state and this is an appropriate mentorship for individuals that have already done some form of shadow work and inner exploration.

Absolutely. The program is designed to fit into your life, with flexible scheduling for coaching calls and practices that can be integrated into your daily routine. You will be using your daily life and integrating your spiritual practices into the things you already do.

Schedule a free alignment call with Silvana Kamala to discuss your goals and see if the Venusian Tantra Mentorship Program is the right fit for you.

Venusian Tantra is a spiritual system based on feminine principles and deep reverence for the feminine form: women. If you are a man that feels a natural devotion towards feminine energy, you can join the mentorship as this program is fully tailored to your unique needs but your process will be different as the process of a woman inside the mentorship. If you have questions, we can explore if this is a fit on a discovery call. 

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